About DeWill

(from Wilhem Busch’s “Max und Moritz”

With large Franchises such as Ikea, Zara Home and Praxis offering a wide range of decoration, lamps and garden ornaments, we may have a great selection, but when it comes to finding something unique and personal, it takes a lot of time and effort to find just the right thing and it will most probably be very expensive.

DeWill  on the other hand, simply showcases several ideas to give you an inkling of DeWill’s capabilities, materials and objects. It is up to you to elaborate to these designs, or come up with an entirely new concept. You dream, DeWill creates! With more than 30 years experience in Metal Artwork, DeWill can guarantee the best in quality, imagination and service.

Browse through the designs and become familiar with the eclectic mix in style and possibilities.  Contact DeWill with your ideas!


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